Zach Noren

Software Engineer - Baltimore, MD

Data Mining/Aggregation of Social Media, Large Scale System Design

AngularJS, Startups, PHP

Currently working for: Lotame



My name is Zach Noren. I am a highly passionate, motivated, self taught Software Engineer with a BS in International Business and concentrations in MIS and Chinese Language and Culture from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I love working for startups, where I feel as though I can truly be creative in my solutions to software problems, and development of new features. I tend to like working on large, more complex, data driven systems. Anything that handles large quantities of data and analysis or anything that performs a large variety of tasks is something I can get excited about. I dabble in lots of different things, from setting up servers and VPNs to artificial intelligence.

When, on the rare occasion I am torn away from my servers and code, I love to:

Travel. I spent two years in high school living in Xiamen, China, and I have travelled all over Asia and Europe.

Bowl. I was a bowler all through middle school and high school and it is the only sport I have ever been good at.

Tinker. No Roomba, printer, or RasPi is safe when I am bored. Oh yeah, I void warranties.

Current Personal Projects

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Engine

Currently I am working on a social media sentiment analysis engine. There are a few basic components to this project

  1. Twitter Streaming API Interface (fennb/phirehose)
  2. Message Queue (Redis)
  3. Interface to various sentiment analysis APIs (PHP)
  4. Part of speech tagging (This library here by Carnegie Mellon)
  5. Custom Naive Bayes classifier (PHP)

I am making use of open source datasets to build a large list of classified words. I plan on training the naive bayes classifier based on how many times a word and its part of speech association have been seen in tweets that were classified as positive, negative or neutral in sentiment.