Sr. Software Engineer at Gaatu – July 7th, 2014 (San Jose, CA)

Currently I am working at a startup on maintaining and developing new features for a homegrown ERP system that handles everything from inventory and order fulfillment, to management of online product listings. Below are a few of the most recent things I have done:

  • Employee barcode timeclock system
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Custom PHP API layer
  • Market research crawler
  • Custom application for Motorola MC7095 handheld barcode scanners
    • Motorola .NET SDK
    • Symbol SDK
    • VisualBasic Scripting
    • Windows Mobile 5.1/6.1
  • Internal task management system
  • Internal Consumer Case Management Tool





Scopur was a startup that I had in college that is still a personal project. This project was funded by my Alma Mater the Rochester Institute of Technology after beating out 20 other teams in a startup competition. I have been working for the last three years to develop a highly powerful social media analytics engine capable of consuming and processing data from multiple sources (Facebook/Twitter). The engine analyzed numerous individual metrics to build profiles of typical consumers for large products and brands. A few of these metrics were sentiment, gender, age, and personality analysis. In addition, factors such as local news in a consumer’s area, and weather conditions were also used in building these profiles.
Web Application Architect at iVEDiX – May 1st, 2013 – June 15th, 2014 (Rochester, NY)

Responsible for scoping out client requirements for large scale web applications, including UI/UX, user interactions, and web service interactions. Served as a technical lead on projects and was responsible for teams. Technical lead on a data driven analytical dashboard project. Interpreted executive management requirements in order to create wireframes and full color UI for a large scale real estate analytics dashboard. Improved user workflows. Participated in database modeling and web services architecture as well as front end development.